Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How To Activate and Use ismRican E-Wallet

All of ISMMagic Social Network, ismAdsIncome (ismAI) and RicanAdFunds (RAF) are owned by Rican Professional Networks Ltd. (RICAN PN). Administrators of RICAN PN have lately decided to launch an internal E-Wallet, namely ismRican E-Wallet.

Advantage of Using ismRican E-Wallet

The main purpose of this internal E-Wallet is to allow members of ISMMagic, ismAI and RAF to easily transfer their funds (earnings) from those three sites to the E-Wallet, then use the funds to purchase Ad Packs in either ismAI or RAF.

For example, a member of RAF want to use his earnings to purchase Ad Packs in ismAI (or vice-versa). To do that, he has to withdraw his RAF earnings first to his preferred payment processor --incurring payment processor charges-- before he can finally purchase Ad Packs in ismAI from the payment processor. By using ismRican E-Wallet the withdrawal to payment processor is skipped, thus, saving him the withdrawal fees.

Another benefit of using and activating the E-Wallet is that every time you purchase Ad Packs in ismAI, you will get Magic points in your ISMMagic account (500 points per ismAI Ad Pack). You can use these Magic points to upgrade your ISMMagic membership or to redeem them for advertising credits in ISMMagic.

Activate Your ismRican E-Wallet

Before you're able to access and use ISMRican E-Wallet, there are two requirements that you need to meet first;

  • You must be a member of ISMMagic (the social network)
  • Ensures that you have the same address details in all profiles of your ISMMagic, ismAI and RAF

Click to ENLARGE

> To edit your address in ismAI and RAF, click on Profile in the left menu of your ismAI and RAF accounts
> To edit your address in ISMMagic, select SocialWall+Login in the very top menu, then under My Profile menu, click on Edit Profile

Now you're ready to activate your ismRican E-Wallet. Follow these following steps:
  • Login to ISMMagic 
  • Select My Account > E-Wallet > Activations

  • Click CLICK HERE to activate your ismAI and RAF referral links

  • Enter both of your ismAI and RAF usernames

  • Go back to Activations page, then click on Activate button

  • Enter your password

  • Repeat the activation procedures for both ismAI and RAF. When successful, the status on the Activations page will be shown like this:

PS: My main source for this tutorial is Joey's Wealth Builder Biz site. Some images were taken from his tutorial as well.

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